Wednesday, July 31, 2013


That's right folks; it's that time. It's time for, you guessed it, cute cat pics!
Da da duuuuuuum!

 I didn't have anything particularly interesting to blog about this week so I thought I'd show off the baby. This is Princess Buttercup. Yes, she's named after the chick in The Princess Bride, a movie that the children and I love.

 She's a Maine Coon and super hyper and inquisitive. Her throaty sounds are very different than my other cats but then again, this is the first Maine Coon I've ever owned.
 Buttercup (aka ButterNuts when she's being a little shithead) is still the kitten of the three cats we own so she gets in a lot of trouble but she's also very cute and social so easily forgiven for her misconduct.

I actually had more pics that were much more adorable of the kids dressing her up and cuddling with her but alas, I can't find them! Anyway, enjoy our little furball.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

This Is The End

Being a huge fan of James Franco and enjoying most of Seth Rogan's work, I knew I just had to see THIS IS THE END. We saw it for our anniversary this year and I laughed so hard. I always enjoy a good comedy and as silly and raunchy as this one was, I know I'll watch it again soon.

WARNING! SPOILERS from here on out. Not big spoilers or anything but just fun details.
Here are some things that I enjoyed about this movie that could turn some people off to it:

  • penis jokes
  • Jay Baruchel being adorable
  • cannabalism
  • Seth Rogan smoking weed
  • discussion about who is more likely to rape someone
  • a failed exorcism
  • Michael Cera not being adorable
  • an overly long discussion about ejaculation
  • demons hung like, well, ridiculously hung demons
  • Channing Tatum humping a leg
And of course, the Backstreet Boys showing up for a dance scene was great. Yeah, they're much older now but somehow, they've still got it. 
Check out this movie for good laughs and a rather crazy take on how to get to heaven.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Destiny Blue

I can't recall exactly how I found her on deviantART. I'm not even sure which of her awesome pieces caught my eye and drew me in. All I know is, I'm glad I started following her because I really enjoy her work.

DestinyBlue is an anime artist and her works are simple yet powerful. They usually feature females and concentrate on inner struggles and feelings. For example, HOPE FOR BRIGHTER DAYS shows a girl under an umbrella but the rain is only falling under the umbrella. Yet the water forming a puddle shows blue skies and white puffy clouds. I love this piece because it really speaks to me. Sometimes it can feel like doom and gloom is following you around personally but you just have to look to the future and be positive.

OPEN MY HEART TO YOU is another that caught my eye because it really visualizes how exposed and naked one can feel by opening up and letting someone in. Though most are thought provoking, many of her works are fun and cheerful. ANIME ARTIST MEME is humorous and I still smile when I see it.

I suggest you check her out on deviantART. I also follow her on FB so I know when she has something new coming out since I check FB more often than I do deviantART. Click the link below for more of her wonderful works.