Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Addition to A Vampire Series

That's right, folks. The Some By Day, Some By Night series has a new addition! 
I was pretty excited to get this one published so let me give you guys the yummy details. The Smell of Death & A Taste of Blood is a collection of short vampire stories of horror, action, and tragedy. Here is the summary:
Can you survive...
          ...what's waiting for you?
Delving into the world introduced in the Some By Day, Some By Night series and continued in Lord Gerard's Coven, this collection of short stories begins before written history, jumping through time and ending during the events of
Threads of A Web. Welcome to a world of vampires, humans, and maybe even something else. Though each tale can stand on it's own, readers of the two series will enjoy these extra background stories. Have you wondered:
Why does Serahfine despise humans?
What was Morgan like before she was changed?
Who was the very first vampire?
What happened to Lionel's wife, Roberta?

Questions will be answered. Pasts will be explained. But only if you can handle


Isn't that cover just wonderful? Eye catching and creepy, just what I wanted! The talented Julie Nicholls did an amazing job! 

Though this collection is part of the Some By Day, Some By Night series, it also involves characters from the sister series, Lord Gerard's Coven. Both series involve vampires throughout history, their stories intertwining and proceeding into the distant future. The difference is, Some By Day focuses on the individual vampires and their personal struggles and romances. Lord Gerard focuses more on the small battles, impending wars, and other science fiction fun.  I recommend reading both to get all the delicious backstories!

The Smell of Death & A Taste of Blood is available at Amazon here

Happy reading, everyone!

Friday, April 1, 2016

March Reads and Reviews

After having read very little in February, I tried to make up for it in March by reading a lot. A lot for a busy person like me, anyway. I read twelve books last month! The best part is, I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them. Nothing under four stars this month!

I read more trade books than indie books this month so I will only be posting reviews for indie books in the YA or adult market. The children's books I read are reviewed on my other blog.

by Rose Montague

Rating: 4 Stars

Action packed and fun! I loved the tone of this book and how Jade's true nature is kept a mystery for a time. A real page turner.
My only complaint is the pacing. It was a tad fast for my taste, I would have liked to slow it down and see more of the initial spark between Jade and Jane, let that romance build more.
Great read!

To purchase this title, find it on Amazon here.

Demon Within
by Julie Nicholls

Rating: 5 Stars

I couldn't put it down!
This story was exactly what I look for in a romance. The author took her time introducing us to each character, leaving a bit of mystery to be discovered along the way while letting the reader become emotionally invested in their own stories. The action was exciting and the romance sizzling. Some twists were predictable, others less so, but all done so well that it felt genuine.
A great read that hooked me, reeled me in, and left me wanting more. 

To purchase this title, find it on Amazon here.

Five Seven Five
by C. E. Wilson

Rating: 5 Stars

This story sucked me in from page one!
A colony that lives underground. Strict enforces of the rules, rules that no one really understands. A girl curious about the world above. A death that will change everything.
I couldn't help but to root for White from the start. Her character is flawed, headstrong, and endearing, everything I love in a protagonist. The vivid details and original story line made this book very hard to put down! Excellent read. 

To purchase this title, find it on Amazon here.
Stake Out
by Lily Luchesi

Rating: 4 Stars

A great start to a promising series!
A killer on the loose, a doomed romance, and paranormal creatures functioning in modern society make for an exciting story. It has issues that usually accompany an author's first book like head-hopping confusion and showing versus telling, but the story itself shines through. I enjoyed the bit of mystery and romance just as much as the action and fight scenes.
Very well done and can't wait to read the sequel!

To purchase this title, find it on Amazon here.

A few other books a read include Hollow City, the sequel to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Excellent book, can't wait to read the third and final story! The Sandman Volume 9, which, geezus, almost killed me with that ending. I also finished off a manga series I started reading many years ago, Descendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei).  

All in all, it was a great month for reading!