Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April Reads & Reviews

I read a lot of books last month, but unfortunately for you, my fellow indie book lover, most of them were comics, manga, or mainstream. I do have a couple indies to share with you so hold on to your seats!

In the Presence of Knowing
by Valarie Savage Kinney

Rating: 5 Stars

After reading the ARC for this, I have to be completely honest: I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The story was compelling and fun. The characters felt three dimensional with worries, fears, and flaws along with the parts that were easy to love and relate to.
I can't wait for the next book in the series to find out more about Knowing.

Echoes of Winter
by Various Authors

Rating: 5 Stars

A great collection of varying short stories revolving around the holidays. Every story was a fun read that kept me entranced. I honestly couldn't pick a favorite because each story elicited different reactions from me and left me thinking about the characters for a few days. Can't wait to read more by these authors.

I hope to read more amazing stories next month so stay tuned for more of my reviews and recommendations in the indie book world.