Tuesday, December 5, 2017

November Reads & Reviews

Hello, fellow book lovers!
I'm back with a book review blog. Hurray! Prepare for lots of indie fun because I did some serious reading in November.

Jon Archer
by JB Taylor

Rating: 4 Stars

A crazy, fun adventure that had me shaking my head and chuckling more than once.

The Distant Sound of Violence
by Jason Greensides

Rating: 4 Stars

I don't often read coming of age stories, but I was glad I decided to pick this one up. An excellent story about how every decision can affect your future and how real friendship doesn't die over time.
I enjoyed the struggles of the main characters and how we witnessed them grow and learn from them. Equally heartbreaking and enlightening, this is a book I would recommend for teens and adults alike.

by April Wilson

Rating: 4 Stars

This is your typical steamy romance. It doesn't offer much new as far as stereotypicsl characters and circumstances, but the style of writing draws you in and gets you hooked. Though I had read these characters a million times in other books, I still found myself caring about them and wanting to read more.
This is impressive for an author's first published work. If you are looking for sexy and heartwarming, this is the book for you. 

by Garrison Kelly

Rating: 4 Stars

I have to give this book a solid 4 stars. The lyrics, though often angry, are riddled with truths about modern society and our strange priorities these days.
My favorites were "Chemicals," "The Meditation Song," "Micronism," and "Thou Shalt Not Steal."
A good read for anyone who lifts a middle finger to the world!

The Infinite: Witness for the Persecution #1
by Trevor Wooten

Rating: 3 Stars

A lot of background info is thrown at you in this first installment that may have been better to show us slowly throughout. It makes for a somewhat confusing, yet still interesting, story.

Sinsual Delights
by Cinnamon Sin

Rating: 4 Stars

I enjoyed this short, sexy, erotic story. I need to read more of the steamy going-ons in this magical world. More please!

Catching Whitney
by Amy Hale

Rating: 4 Stars

This was a fun, warm-and-fuzzy read that had me smiling. Though there was the usual "misunderstanding" between the couple that seems so popular in romance books (I mean really, just talk!) this story was sweet and the characters real and amusing.

Carved Wooden Heart
by Elizabeth Horton-Newton & Starla Hartless

Rating: 4 Stars

Though rather long and drawn out, this was a cute romance that left me smiling. Cutting the excessive action details would have made it a shorter and more concise read, though I wouldn't have minded hearing a bit more about Jesse's life in those lost five years. Dani's character was quite real and three dimensional. She made mistakes, grew a little, made a few more mistakes, and still kept her head, and that had me rooting for her.
All in all, this was an enjoyable read.

Full Exposure
by Amy Jo Cousins

Rating: 4 Stars

Fun, sexy, and surprisingly deep.
I definitely enjoyed this sexy little story. It's always fun when a regular Joe gets to see the real side of a celebrity, and have amazing sex as well. Well written and naughty, a winner in my book!

Merry Chris Witch
by CK Dawn

Rating: 5 Stars

Ho, ho, ho, and away we go!
What a fun and cute holiday story. I'm with Chris on the holidays: Halloween is my favorite and Christmas is kind of, eh. Good to know he found a reason to enjoy the holiday besides his birthday!
I highly recommend this one.

Pirate Dave & His Randy Adventures
by Robyn Peterman

Rating: 5 Stars

Raunchy and hilarious!
If you are looking for a quick read that will make you laugh, look no further. Ridiculous, over the top humor and a silly story will keep you entertained.
Only recommended for those with a twisted sense of humor.

Well folks, that's all I have for you this month. I hope I can reach my Goodreads reading challenge of 120 books this year. Perhaps not, since I am only at 102 right now, but hey, reading over 100 books in one year is enough for me. 
I'll be back next year with more indie book reviews for you book worms out there. Have a wonderful holiday season, and happy reading!