Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Warm Bodies

I finally watched the movie Warm Bodies this weekend. Like many flicks out now, it's about zombies but this one is actually from a zombie's point of view. A zombie who falls for a human. 

To give you the basics, the zombie apocalypse has happened, they're everywhere, humans are almost extinct, yada yada yada. Some key differences are that eventually zombies turn into these walking skeleton things called "bonies" that are seen as a force even more evil than regular zombies. From the zombie's POV; to humans they are all pretty much the same thing. Another difference is that the humans built this huge wall to keep zombies out and it's actually working.

The main character we follow is a zombie called R. While on a regular hunt for human flesh with his zombie buddies, they come across some kids who are out looking for medical supplies. The zombies attack them and get to feasting. But during the chaos, R sees a young girl named Julie and his vacant expression becomes even more so for a few minutes as we realize he's fallen in love. 

I won't give away any spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie or read the novel but I will say that I really enjoyed this new perspective on zombie flicks. It was funny and super sweet not to mention not too much of a gore fest for those who aren't looking for that in a romance movie. Check it out for some laughs and warm fuzzies.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fan Fiction: Not Just Smut

I'm a big fan of anime and manga and I used to write fan fictions about whatever I was watching or reading at the time that I really loved. Recently, I reread a story I wrote back in 2011 based on the Vampire Hunter D novels. Looking at it now, I'm really surprised at my style of writing.
Holy crap, was I super dark and dreary then! Actually, looking back through my poetry, short stories and novels, all of my writing from that time period is so super depressing. It's a wonder I didn't slit my wrists or something. It was all death and misery and suffering. Good lord!

But looking back on that one story, I also realize that there was fundamentally a great life lesson in there though I kind of messed up the telling of it. It was always one of my favorite fanfics, especially since it isn't oversexed like so many tend to be. Rereading it was good for me: I remembered that part of my life and that mindset and that will actually help me with some of my present characters who are struggling through their own inner turmoil. Dark, yes but helpful? Definitely.

If you would like to check it out, it's called The Scarlet Hunter and can be found on adultfanfiction.net. AFF is home to a few of my fanfics and I think I may just add a few more, for old time's sake. Yes, there is a lot of horribly written crap on these kind of websites but there is pretty good stuff as well and there are a few writers that I follow who are quite talented. So yeah, maybe it's time to get back into fanfics again. Writing these actually helps me grow a bit and come on, they are fun to read, right?