Friday, June 22, 2018

Exciting Things are Coming!

That's right, my friends! Now that Hollow Hills is up and running, I have gotten back to writing again and I am bringing the goods. Next month, I have a collection of short stories coming out that is sure to please. Let me give you the low-down on Tantalizing Tales of the Horrific and Fantastic

I'm pretty pumped about my first book to be published through Hollows Hills. So what is it about? Horror, fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, and more come together in a mesmerizing collection hitting your favorite online book sellers on July 27th, 2018. 

Here is the synopsis:
Sink your teeth into this book of fantastical short stories that will leave you wanting more. This collection mixes fantasy, science fiction, horror, and more into one big boiling pot of tastiness. Stories may include princesses, talking birds, alien species, magical items, terrifying creatures, cyborgs, or assassins. You’ll get your fill of thrills and chills.
As if that isn't exciting enough, you are all invited to a party. That's right, you! Come join us on release day for our Facebook event Madness, Magic, and Mayhem. Games, teasers, and giveaways galore! Whew, I haven't done a FB event in quite some time and I fully intend to let loose and have a blast. I hope you stop by for some fun.
Meanwhile, drop by your favorite store and pre-order Tantalizing Tales of the Horrific and Fantastic. It has a bit of something for everyone. The universal link is here. Have a great weekend, readers.
Stay tuned for news on another upcoming release from Hollow Hills that features another brand new short story from yours truly.