Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Things to Look Forward to This Year

I recently got the rights back to my contemporary romance novel, Irish Squeeze. I love the characters in this story but I wanted to do something more with it. I mean, since when do I write romance with no extra element to add some flavor? And Melissa is such a spunky chick, she could definitely use some extra umph.
Then it hit me: rewrite it as a fantasy. An urban fantasy romance. Boom, just like that the characters suddenly had more depth to them. Irish now had secrets. Melissa's family were now a rare breed of fantasy creature in their world. And the world itself now had its own story of civil unrest and an "Us vs Them" mentality between humans and "other" creatures. 
Isn't it funny how that works out sometimes? This story was already a sexy fun time but now it has even more going for it. Not to mention possible sequels because I definitely see a series in the making here.
I plan to republish this story this year through Hollow Hills. Now I just need to think of a new name that will fit this new and improved tale...

Meanwhile, I am touching up my short story for the next Hollow Hills anthology coming later this year. If you haven't read Still Standing, I suggest checking it out. My short story titled "The Brave Blacksmith" is a fantasy romance at heart, but deals with some dark issues. Blacksmith's wife was murdered, but though he got his revenge and executed the evil king, ensuring the rightful queen was returned to her throne, he now feels he has no purpose in life. Until the queen sends him on a quest in an unfamiliar country. This story deals with mental health, bullying, and ends on a cliffhanger. Part Two promises to be just as magical and action packed. I do hope you stick around to read "The Blacksmith's Quest" coming in the next anthology.

It looks like this is shaping up to be a busy year so far. Stick around to hear more about amazing indie books I read and releases of my own novels in 2019.
Happy reading!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Indie Book Reviews Catch-Up

Hello, fellow readers.
Now that Christmas is over and we can all get back to our normal lives, I have been catching up on reading like crazy. I read more manga volumes in the last two months than I have in the last two years. Two complete series! (Yes, long series.) 
Now I'm here again to show you guys the indie books that I wrapped up last year and in January of this year. I do not post reviews for any books I dnfed or any that I gave less than three stars to. Only showing off the good stories and there were many. Let's get started!

Dawn's Keeper
by Veronica Del Rosa 

Rating: 5 Stars

Veronica Del Rosa does it again! Not only were we introduced to two wonderful, lovable, and dangerous characters, but we get deliciously steamy scenes and a light but heartfelt romance. More of the Enforcers and Coterie world is shown to us and the reader is left with more questions than answers. Usually, that would annoy me, but with this series, it only has me scrambling for the next book.
Oh, how I love this universe the author has created!

Storm Portal
by Michael R. Stern

Rating: 4 Stars

An interesting tale of time travel by a normal citizen. History buffs will love the classroom lessons and historical locations that our hero, Fritz, witnessed. I certainly enjoyed taking the trip and rooting for Fritz to come back in one piece, and stay out of trouble with the White House.

The 11th Percent
by T.H. Morris 

Rating: 4 Stars

This is an interesting paranormal read. It doesn't really present any new ideas, but it does give you a nice diverse cast of characters that you get to know and relate to.
I did have a hard time relating to the main character, Jonah. For a writer who claims to have a lot of imagination, he has a pretty hard time wrapping his head around certain truths in the book. Also, he isn't very bright since everything has to be explained to him at least twice. I don't need a genius main character but I do need one that I care about and Jonah isn't relatable to me. I'm hoping he does more growing in future books, but right now my fave character would have to be Reena.
The story drags in a few places but the last few chapters are definitely worth the read. Take a dive into this one and you may find it quite enjoyable. I liked it enough to want to read the next in the series.

Valkyrie in the Demon Realm
by Lynne Murray 

Rating: 5 Stars

Another great Sybil read! I always enjoy these stories about Sybil, her own personal demons, and their adventures together. I only wish this one was longer! A great story.

Scandal With a Prince
by Nicole Burnham 

Rating: 4 Stars

This was well written and certainly entertaining. The main characters were relatable, the sex scenes hot, and the plot pretty solid. An enjoyable read. 

That is all I have for you today. Hopefully my solid reading streak will continue and I will have more indie gems for you guys to discover and drool over as much as I did soon. 
Happy reading, everyone!