Monday, March 12, 2018

Hollow Hills, A New Publisher

Hello faithful readers and fellow book lovers!
I wanted to tell everyone about a new publishing company for independent authors. Hollow Hills, LLC. was co-founded by my friend Aurora Styles and myself as a place for authors whose works might be considered too "different" for traditional publishers. We don't believe in formula writing or writing by the numbers. We are looking for stories without all the usual tropes. We want original. We want unique. We want fantasy!

Though we do specialize in fantasy and all it's sub-genres, we will also consider horror, romance, mythology, and erotica. The most important thing to us is the story itself. Are the characters three-dimensional? Does the story reach down inside and pull out all those feels? Do the vivid setting details make you feel like you are really there? Does the story not fit neatly into one genre? Then we are interested!

For those indie authors who prefer self-publishing, we offer services that are vital to creating a sell-able product. As some of you may know, I have been a paid beta reader for a few years now and I am bringing my experience to Hollow Hills.
Aurora instructs Composition 101 and Freelance Writing. She also holds an MFA in Creative Writing. She has experience editing papers and manuscripts full-time. So if you need a beta reader or editor, we've got you covered.
Two other services we offer through our company are the sales of pre-made book covers, and extra promotional services for authors. We have a variety of choices for book covers and we guarantee that any sold will never be sold again. Hollow Hills understands that most authors work other jobs and may not have the time to promote their books. We offer affordable services that include daily posts on social media accounts and posts on blogs.

To start our company off with a bang, we have decided to publish an anthology later this year. This collection of short stories and/or poetry will give new authors a chance to shine. All royalties earned from the sales of the anthology will go towards a charity. We are still in talks about which charity, but it will be one that involves the theme of the stories.
This first anthology will be titled "Still Standing" and the stories will involve a protagonist who has undergone some kind of ill treatment from a person in power, whether they were abused, harassed, fired, dismissed, etc. The antagonist can be a boss, co-worker, evil overlord, whatever you would like. The story can be a revenge story, but the main theme is empowerment and the healing process. The victim came through and is standing on their own two (or more) feet. Again, though we specialize in fantasy, we would gladly consider horror or romance submissions.
For more information on the submission guidelines, please visit our blog on our website here:

Be sure to stop by and see what our company can do for you, independent author!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

February Reads & Reviews

Hello, everyone!
I'm a bit behind on my Goodreads reading goal this year, but I plan to make up for it next month. I have been busy starting a publishing company with my friend. That's right, we are officially licensed and up and running. But enough about that (I'll do a post later about the company) let's get back to the indies I read in February.

One Snowy Night 
by Various Authors

Rating: 4 Stars

An entertaining book of short stories that certainly warmed the heart.
Unforeseen Circumstances -
Though the premise of this story sounded like a bad soap opera, a woman suffering from amnesia falls back in love with her ex, it was done in a way that made it endearing. The characters were relatable and the story sweet.

All the Things I Should Have Told You -
My second favorite story in this collection. A heart wrenching story about unrequited love and how true love means sacrifice and undying loyalty. My favorite bit was these lines at the beginning: "Hell is not full of screams or wails. It is full of rhythmic, mechanical breaths and the beep of machines. It smells of disinfectant, and the cruelest trick it plays is letting you know that everybody is doing everything they can, but it might all flitter away in a moment."

One Snowy Day -
This was my least favorite story. The story is sweet and certainly tugs at the heartstrings, but there is far more dialogue than narrative. The characters have too many info dump conversations and opportunities to really get to know the characters on a more personal level are glossed over.
Again, the story itself is not bad, but it could have been presented better.

Somewhere Between Falling -
My favorite story of the bunch. Told from the two main charcter's point of views, we meet two people who have had their lives turned upside down and their hearts broken. Meeting again has old sparks flying and they begin to wonder if their past disastrous relationships were as deep as they had originally thought. Lovable characters and an intriguing plot made this one hard to put down.

All in all, a nice collection for a cold winter day

First Fruits
by Amanda Carney

Rating: 5 Stars

This book hooked me from page one. It held a lot of the usual paranormal romance ideas: quiet girl falls for a vampire, finds out she has unique powers, bad guys come after them. What made this story unique was its execution and characters.
The writing style was amusing and detailed. The characters were flawed but lovable. The steamy sex scenes had me fanning myself. The best part, however, was how we got in their heads so completely. I was sucked right into their world.
The cliffhanger at the end had me checking for more pages! No! Why! Looks like I will have to pick up the next book ASAP. 

And that's all I have for you this month! The rest of my reading was spent on indie children's books, which I review elsewhere. I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day. Make sure you have a pint for me on St. Patrick's Day, too!
Happy reading!