Monday, September 3, 2018

Let's Play Catch-Up

Hello, all.
No, I didn't die, though I have been absent for quite a bit. Various things going on in my personal life have kept me busy and I honestly haven't been reading as much of late. So in this post, I will share the few indie books I have read since April. 
Before I get to that, let me plug my newest release that hit the market in July. Tantalizing Tales of the Horrific and Fantastic is a collection of short stories that span various genres.
Here is the blurb and buy links:
Sink your teeth into this book of fantastical short stories that will leave you wanting more. This collection mixes fantasy, science fiction, horror, and more into one big boiling pot of tastiness. Stories may include princesses, talking birds, alien species, magical items, terrifying creatures, cyborgs, or assassins. You’ll get your fill of thrills and chills.
BUY LINKS: Universal link - Amazon - Goodreads - Books2Read

Now on to the indie books!

Valkyrie on Planet Fury
by Lynne Murray

Rating: 5 Stars

Lynne Murray knocks it out of the park again!
It had been a while since I read the first book Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone. I had almost forgotten what an amazing storyteller this author is but two pages in and it all came rushing back. Her memorable characters. Her own sci-fi take on various mythologies. Her amazing building of complex societies. Everything about this book makes it such a pleasure to read.
Though there are some editing issues, the storytelling shines through as we are whisked away on another edge-of-your-seat adventure with Sybil, our favorite oddball from Planet Valkyrie. Tension, romance, devious plots, and sexy fun are in store. We even meet Medusa!
I highly recommend this one.

American Darkness
by Garrison Kelly

Rating: 3 Stars

If you're looking for a collection of short stories where everyone is pissed off all the time, look no further. Each story certainly delves into the darkness of humankind, showing how unreasonable and crazy some people can be. Though most of the characters are over-the-top and violence is the word of the day, there is usually a happy-ish ending in store. Be sure to listen to some angry screamo while reading this one!

Once Upon a Fabulous Time
Various Authors

Rating: 4 Stars

Here are a bunch of random fairy tale stories from various authors put together nicely in one anthology. Though I still didn't see how each story tied into the main story throughout, I enjoyed this book more than expected. I have to say that both Aliya DalRae stories were my favorite of the bunch. "Where Darkness Lies" by Joanna Van Leerdam was my next favorite. Their stories were the strongest and best written.
Though some of the other stories were okay, my least favorite was Mr. Wizardo. There was confusing head-hopping as well as scene jumping that would jolt me out of the story. To be honest, I skipped the rest of the story after Chapter Two. The author's need to slap the reader in the face with a Wizard of Oz reference in every single paragraph got really old really fast, especially when most references didn't come across as making any sense.
Overall, a nice collection with a few tales I wouldn't mind seeing fleshed out into novel length stories.

Ghostly Writes 2017
by Various Authors

Rating: 3 Stars 

An entertaining collection of short stories. Only a few of the stories were scary, though all contained some aspect of the supernatural. My favorite stories were "A Grave Business" by Michael Lynes and "The Big Escape" by Marjorie Hembroff.

 Happy reading, all!