Thursday, August 31, 2017

Summer Indie Book Awards 2017

Hello, fellow readers. I hope your summer has been awesome. School might be back in, but the heat is still on, and I'm here to tell you about a hot event happening now.

I’m excited to announce that it’s that time of year again. The Summer Indie Book Awards are here!
Every year, Metamorph Publishing hosts this amazing event that focuses on indie books. Readers nominate their favorite books in a variety of categories and at the end of the summer, it’s voting time. Voting for the 2107 SIBA starts tomorrow, September 1st and ends on September 11th. You can vote in each category once a day.

This year, two of my books have been nominated in the Summer Indie Book Awards!
Under Anthologies, we have Reaching for the Light by myself and TL Katt. These two short stories talk about dealing with mental illness on a daily basis, with happy endings in store.
Under Horror, is Headstones and Dead Bodies. This collection contains two short stories that will chill you.

Please stop by and vote for our books! While you are there, check out the other awesome indie books that have been nominated this year. Vote for your favorites and discover some new-to-you authors.
For more information about the awards, and voting links, visit Metamorph Publishing's website or find the awards on Facebook.
Keep cool and have a great weekend!

Monday, August 7, 2017

New Release!

Hello everyone.
I wanted to pop in and tell you about my newest dystopian novel. The Benevolent Slayers is a bit of a western style fantasy that brings you to a future that is bleak for humankind. After a nuclear war that crippled our numbers and obliterated modern civilization, monsters and magical creatures run rampant. Here is the summary:

They are called Benevolent Slayers, though the name no longer holds the honor it once did. Those that take up the mantle travel the lands, defeating monsters and bandits that prey on the few surviving humans left after an ancient war destroyed their world.

Saber is a swordsman with powerful majiks. This sorceress may be tough, but her inner demons make her powers hard to control. She finds herself in debt to another Slayer, Brock the Rock, a man famous for his heroic deeds.

Terrifying and cold, Brock is a loner who has seen too much death to care about humanity anymore. He does the job because killing is all he knows. Though neither is thrilled by the arrangement, they decide to travel together and embark on an adventure that proves both tragic and enlightening.

Can Saber learn to let go of her past before it destroys her? Will she be able to harness the true power she holds within?
Will the mysterious Brock ever let his guard down enough to regain his humanity?

This story has a bit of everything I love in a good fantasy: swordplay, majik, fantastical creatures, a touch of romance, archery, detailed fight scenes, and characters that deal with their own inner struggles. The Benevolent Slayers is the first book in a new series I'm working on titled The Immortal Legacy. 
Check it out for some dark fantasy fun!

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

May, June, and July Reads & Reviews

Hello, all!
It has been a little while since I did a post about the indie books I have read and reviewed. Let's go ahead and do three months at once, shall we?

To Hate and to Hold
by Dakota Rebel

Rating: 5 Stars

Loved it.
Whoa, this was a hot read from the start. I thoroughly enjoyed delving into this paranormal world that felt so natural and not over-explained. Every scene left me wanting more.
Sexy and sweet!

Teddy Bear Revolution
by T. E. Hodden

Rating: 4 Stars

This was a great story that kids and adults can both enjoy. I loved the non-stop action and humor. The bears were adorable yet full of life and personality. Each short story was well-written and full of intrigue and suspense. Can't wait to read more from this author!

Gems of Strength
by The Sisterhood

Rating: 5 Stars

A wonderful collection of varying short stories by various indie authors. Romance, action, science fiction, fantasy, and even a thriller, this anthology has it all.
Though there were one or two stories that didn't resonate with me, on the whole, I thought the stories were brilliant and certainly kept with the theme of strong women characters. Well edited and engaging, I highly recommend this one.

Ascension Within
by Julie Nicholls

Rating: 4 Stars

A wonderful conclusion to a sexy and action-packed trilogy. Mysteries, steamy moments, and suspense kept me turning pages. The characters are diverse and lovable and the happy ending was delicious. Another great read from Julie Nicholls!

by Moxie Darling

Rating: 4 Stars

A quick, hot read!
Though the sex may be taboo to some, Moxie Darling makes it feel perfectly natural in this steamy short story. A nice mix of sexy and sweet.

Beyond the Reach of Judgement
by Jo Bissell

Rating: 3 Stars

This was a pretty decent vampire read. Though parts were drawn out and Julien was kind of a whiney protagonist, the story itself was good. The ending was heartbreaking and left me wondering, though it could have come a hundred pages earlier.

Hannah: A Bride for Cowboy Warren
by Jenny Creek Tanner

Rating: 4 Stars

This was a sweet short story with a vivid setting and relatable characters. A quick read that leaves you with warm feelings.

Heart of the Gladiator
by Lydia Pax

Rating: 5 Stars

An intriguing story.
This was a great read that truly brought the entire world of the Roman gladiator to life. The setting details, interesting characters, and steamy romance made this hard to put down. I definitely recommend it!

Mark of the Beast
by Trevor L. Wooten

Rating: 4 Stars

A real page-turner!
Though the sheer amount of characters was a bit confusing at times, the story was fast-paced and exciting. The main characters had unique personalities that made them easy to relate to and the villains were intimidating but cheesy in ways even the protagonists could joke about. All in all, an enjoyable story.

I read some good ones these past few months. That Goodreads Reading Challenge is pretty much in the bag. If you aren't reading books by these indie authors, you are missing out. 
As usual, have a great week and happy reading!