Sunday, November 15, 2015

Books, Books, Books!

I have so much reading to catch up on that it's ridiculous!
My kindle app is full, I have a real Kindle sitting collecting dust, I have some downloaded books on my computer, and then there are the paperbacks double stacked on my bookshelf. There is just not enough time in the day for reading!

I'm going to go back one month and post some reviews that I gave for what books I have been able to knock off my TBR. Some I enjoyed immensely, some, not so much. I give honest reviews but I try not to be a douche canoe about it.

I finished The Sandman Volume Five on October 19th. I gave it five stars because, well, awesome! I have to say that though every book in this series isn't gold, I am loving it so far as a whole. Can't wait to read the next one. (Which will be soon.) I don't tend to give reviews to "trade" books unless it was so phenomenal that I fan-girl screamed.

Cloak of Shadows
by C.K. Dawn

Rating: 5 Stars

What an exciting and well-written story!
I love that the world was introduced slowly; the scenery and characters fleshed out with such detail. Creating such relatable characters made their successes and failures truly resonate. The secret, magical world they were a part of was introduced piece by piece. The author is a master of giving the reader action and romance all while keeping them intrigued by the mysteries of how this secret society worked and each character's place in it.
Wonderful read! Highly recommended!

For more of C.K. Dawn's books and buy links, check out her Amazon author page.

Norma Jean's School of Witchery Book One: Jewel 
by Rose Montague

Rating: 5 Stars

A suspenseful, action packed tale!
This book follows the young witch Jewel and her exciting adventures as she enters a new school, makes new friends, and deals with assassination attempts, a budding romance, and loss. Finding out you have rare witch powers is hard enough but having to learn to utilize them to save your friend's lives is a hell of a way to spend your school year!
Fast paced and fun, this book was a great YA read I would recommend to any lover of fantasy.
Having read this wonderful book, I now have to read Jade, Jane and the next installment of this series!

For more of Rose Montague's books and buy links, check out her Amazon author page.

Cowboy Command
by Olivia Jaymes

Rating: 4 Stars

An exciting romance full of action, drama and hot sex scenes! A great read!

For more of Olivia Jaymes's books and buy links, check out her Amazon author page.

Ink Inspired
by Carrie Ann Ryan

Rating: 4 Stars

A short, sweet read featuring a sexy, tattooed hunk. What's not to love?

For more of Carrie Ann Ryan's books and buy links, check out her Amazon author page.

Jaded (3 Book Series)
by Ali Parker

Rating: Overall, 4 Stars

(Book 1) A great introduction to Kari and her friends. I enjoyed how the story played out slowly, really letting you get to know the characters intimately. Great read!
(Book 2)  Not as detailed as the first book but a good introduction to Jake and his own heartbreak. We immediately see the sparks between Jake and Kari but they do seem to be taking it a bit fast for two individuals who have been hurt by loved ones, especially since he never let his wounds heal and hers are still so fresh.
(Book 3) Not the best installment of this series but good nonetheless. This last book feels a bit more rushed than the previous two. Kari still has serious trust issues and because of that, I feel like they should slow down a bit. If she doubts him as soon as he leaves town, how will they ever have a meaningful relationship? 

For more of Ali Parker's books and buy links, check out her Amazon author page.

That's all I've managed to finish since this time last month. I hope that over the holidays I can relax and snuggle down with some more books. As much as I love to write, I need my reading time too!

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